The most advanced solution for eliminating odors, decontaminating surfaces and purifying the air. Hydroxyl generators mimic Mother Nature’s naturally occurring process for cleaning and purifying our atmosphere.

Patented Hydroxyl Generating System.

100% green, non-toxic technology.

Minimizing the risk of bacterial and viral infections on cruise ships is an ever-present challenge. Norovirus is the most common cause of food borne disease outbreaks in the United States. Over 20 million cases are reported to the CDC annually. Noroviruses are a group of viruses that cause gastroenteritis; an inflammation of the lining of the stomach and intestines, causing an acute onset of severe vomiting and diarrhea. Norovirus is very contagious and is spread by infected individuals who contaminate surfaces they contact. You can get norovirus from an infected person, contaminated food or water, or by touching contaminated surfaces.

Cruise lines are particularly susceptible to norovirus outbreaks because people are in very close quarters where they recreate and dine for extended periods of time. People can arrive onboard with the illness and be unaware since they can be contagious for days before being symptomatic and for two weeks after being symptom free. Outbreaks can originate in the food preparation and service areas where food workers become infected by touching contaminated ready-to-eat foods, such as raw fruits, vegetables and shell fish before serving them.

HGI’s Odorox® systems use high performance quartz ultraviolet optics to generate a powerful range of UV light in a shielded chamber that kills microorganisms as they are circulated through the device. It also creates a cascade of airborne hydroxyls and other oxidizing agents from oxygen and water that safely and effectively kill bacteria, viruses and mold in the air and on surfaces in occupied spaces. Odorox® hydroxyls, which are the same as those formed naturally outdoors by the action of the Sun, restore nature’s balance indoors by destroying bacteria, viruses and mold in air and on surfaces and decomposing volatile organic chemicals, which are typically 4-6 times more concentrated indoors.

The UV energy damages the DNA of the organism and makes it incapable of reproducing. UV light in that range also generates hydroxyls – a powerful oxidizing agent that kills a broad range of microorganisms. Atmospheric hydroxyl radicals are continuously produced by the action of the Sun’s radiated energy on water vapor and oxygen in our atmosphere. Atmospheric hydroxyls are proven to kill bacteria, virus, and mold because they are able to react with the organic compounds, lipids and proteins in the cell membrane and disrupt their structure. The interior contents of the cells leak and the organism is destroyed. Conversely, humans, animals and plants have developed symbiotically with atmospheric hydroxyl radicals and thrive in their presence. Atmospheric hydroxyls are a critical component of nature’s dynamic ability to provide environments that are free of harmful chemicals and pathogens. Hydroxyls do not exist naturally indoors. They react within 20-50 milliseconds with the abundance of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and microorganisms indoors and are consumed near air entry points. In order to restore the balance of nature indoors and keep microorganisms to a minimum, hydroxyls have to be generated constantly.


Hydroxyls (HO•) are safe, naturally occurring molecules. They are created in the outdoors when the ultraviolet rays of the sun react with water vapor from the air. This is a natural process that constantly occurs in our atmosphere. Hydroxyls are the single most important agent that scrubs and cleanses our planets atmosphere.


ODOROX® Hydroxyl Generators replicate this natural process:
ODOROX® implements a dual process attack on contaminants.

1. The processing chamber sanitizes airflow and produces hydroxyls (HO•).

2. The hydroxyl (HO•) molecules exit the chamber to decontaminate surfaces and contents.


Contaminated air is directed into the chamber where ambient humidity and multiple nanometer wavelengths and frequencies combine to create an oxidizing formula and produce hydroxyls.

The quartz crystal optics are finely tuned to deodorize air flow, eradicate bacteria and other microorganisms, and produce hydroxyl molecules.

The purified air is recycled back into the environment along with hydroxyls to further decontaminate surfaces & contents.

cascadeOnce the hydroxyls are created, they are sent to “seek and destroy” odor molecules, bacteria, viruses, mold, VOCs and other chemicals.

Notably, the process simultaneously decontaminates the air, surfaces, and objects.

This system does not require all of the contaminants within a room to pass through the processing chamber, which guarantees a more rapid and thorough decontamination.

Outside the unit the hydroxyls immediately begin a cascade reaction in the air, creating even more hydroxyls. The cascade of hydroxyls quickly disperse throughout the air and penetrates surfaces and objects.

The hydroxyl molecule sanitizing pollutants in the far corner of the room is not necessarily the same hydroxyl molecule that exited the generator.

Any quenched hydroxyls are continuously replaced by the system, providing constant decontamination.