Our team is dedicated to crafting and delivering innovative and proven solutions to your real-world problems. Our solutions utilize proprietary technology & industry specific experience to provide measurable results that enable businesses and individuals to operate in cleaner and healthier environments.


Improve onboard hygiene

Patented and FDA approved technology that proactively addresses Norovirus. Our technology reduces high cleaning expenses, filter replacement costs & labor costs for cleaning and sanitizing.

Food & Beverage

Increase safety and cost-efficiency

100% green, non-toxic technology that can be safely used around humans and animals.

• Prolongs shelf life

• Decrease of food born illness and cross contamination


Fight mold and its effects

The technology is not an Ozone generator and is not harmful on surfaces and electrical systems. Our technology reduces and eliminates black mold.


Sanitize your production line

Technology that results in the reduction of expensive and caustic/sanitizing (such as Chlorine Dioxide) chemical cleaners, unscheduled production line shut downs and number of employee sick days.


Address common viruses & bacteria

Our technology driven solution reduces and eliminates viruses and bacteria such as Staph, MRSA, Influenza, Listeria, c.Diff, and many more, from the air and surfaces (Cotton and Stainless Steel).

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Our Philosophy

  • Cruise

  • Chem

  • Food

  • Yacht

Clean CLEAN cleaner and healthier environment


TAILORED off-the-shelf to customized solutions designed to fit your business needs


PRACTICAL extensive expertise across multiple industries


SAFE non-chemical; non-ionization and not ozone generating


SUSTAINABLE environmental and business sustainability


MEASURABLE RESULTS continuous measurement and evaluation of the business and environmental results

Hygensea Solutions are applicable across different industries but all share the same characteristics in terms of safety and results.

Our Process

Robust technology that works in demanding business environments – learn about Hygensea Solutions’ proactive process. We evaluate each situation and provide solutions that deliver results.


We assess your situation, measure the environmental contaminants, and clearly establish desired business and cleanliness objectives to insure we craft the right solution for your business.



Based on practical experience and industry expertise, we design a thorough and technology driven solution to economically meet the business objectives. 


Seamlessly install approved solution into existing systems – the installation will not disrupt existing operations.

Measure & Maintain

Annual cleaning and replacement of optics, we perform ongoing measurement of the current environment to keep our solutions continuously up-to-date.


Hygensea offers advanced solutions for eliminating odors, decontaminating surfaces and purifying the air.


Kills rates in excess of 99.9% for most viruses within 12 hours after being treated with Hygensea (MPV-14 Odorox)


Reduces and eliminates live black mold spores in the air in under 5 hours and from surfaces within 72 to 96 hours.


Effectively sanitize small and large indoor spaces of unhealthy Volatile Organic Compounds – with proven no side effects of traditionally used ozone.

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Removes odors caused by H2S, water damage, fire, and in rendering plants, wastewater facilities and sewage plants.


Our solution eliminated Insect problems close to 100% at a major rendering company.

Our Products

The basic process of purifying air means that the Hygensea solutions are applicable across all industry fields with various beneficial outcomes. We offer small ready-to-use kits to industrial solutions – to make sure you receive the highest Return on Investment. Check out our offered products below or contact us to get an individual proposal matching your particular needs.


Industry Specific Solutions

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